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DVSA Driving Examiners on Strike

27th March 2023

Driver training schools and their pupils regretfully have some driving test appointments cancelled at the last minute because of DVSA Driving Examiners industrial action.

Fortunately Vocational Examiners, who conduct the HGV Driving Tests, are very aware of the difficulties faced by commercial drivers and their employers and a few of the examiners won't necessarily take strike action on the dates that the DVSA publish.

Everyone knows there is STILL a HGV driver shortage. 

Individuals and Companies have been working hard over the past few months, going through the multiple steps and stages including getting Provisional Large Goods Vehicle Entitlement and passing the three LGV DVSA theory tests to be ready to take their Module 3 LGV Driving Test.  And examiners and the DVSA don't take decisions to cancell any truck driving test lightly.

However, if there is a last minute change of plan due to strike action, the DVSA will move the driving test fee on to a future date so another appointment can be arranged quickly.  And the DVSA will provide an opportunity to claim expenses for the driving test that couldn't go ahead, because it was cancelled at short notice i.e. less than 3 clear working days.  

The claim form is available to download from the GOV.UK website.  However, good and well managed training providers, like Wallace School of Transport, help their clients and claim on the customers behalf for the cost of a lesson and the vehicle on the next test.  As we organise the claim administration this means you don't have to wait weeks for DVSA to make a refund to you before you can re-sit your appointment.  We will simply organise another driving test for you as quickly as possible. And, no matter how many weeks DVSA take to sort out their administration to cover the re-sit costs, you won't have to worry about finding more money or having to wait too long before you can sit your next appointment. 

Naturally, we hope that the employment grievances and pay disputes of all striking workers including DVLA & DVSA staff and driving examiners are resolved as quickly and as amicably as possible, so we can all return to normal working arrangements as soon as possible.


Wallace School of Transport will continue to do our best to help our customers during these turbulent times. 

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