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Our jargon buster explains many of the terms you'll come across during training. Please browse the list below or use the search form to find what you're looking for.

Approved (Car) Driving Instructor
AFV - Alternative Fuel Vehicle (say Gas Powered)
Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers
Abreviation for Articulated Vehicle, now LGV C+E, formerly known as HGV Class One Licence
Car or Van with Trailer
Brokers & Agents
Middlemen advertising non-accredited/non-qualifed training who charge handling fees to pass your booking on - they have no instructors or vehicles of their own.
Case Study Theory (Module 2) - Initial Driver CPC
A touch screen test to check your knowledge about being a working driver, the first test for Initial Driver CPC
Certificate of Professional Competence (see Mangers CPC & Drivers CPC)
CRB (now known as DBS)
Criminal Records Bureau / Disclosure and Barring Service
Demonstration Test (Module 4) - Initial Driver CPC
The second part of the Initial Driver CPC for all new PCV drivers and LGV drivers who passed their car test after 1997
Department of Transport
Digi Tacho
Digital Tachograph (card or reader)
Double Manned
2 learner drivers in-cab, sharing driving time
Rigid Heavy Goods Vehicle towing a Trailer - could be Close Coupled (which are easier to Reversing) or could be A-Frame.
Driver CPC
All LGV and PCV licence holders who want to earn their living driving large vehicles must work towards gaining a Driver Qualification Card either by taking Initial Driver CPC tests or following on with Driver CPC Periodic Training.
Driver CPC, Driver Qualification Card, blue plastic card (like driving licence) showing renewal dates & photo
Driving Vehicle Standards Agency - Government body responsible for Driving Examiners, Driving Tests, Driving Test Centres and vehicle MOTs.
Department of Work and Pensions - Government body to help people with re-training and funding for qualifications in addition to Job Centre help through Work Coaches
European Social Fund
EV - Electric Vehicles
Forklift Truck, including Counterbalance, Reach. Pallet, Pedestrian and Telescopic Material Handlers
Freight Operator Recognition Scheme - London wide voluntary code of good conduct for companies using Heavy Goods Vehicles
ICE - Internal Combustion Engine (term often used when comparing against EV - Electric Vehicles)
HGV - Heavy Goods Vehicle
Trucks are Heavy Goods Vehicles, but the licence to drive them is now LGV - Large Goods Vehicle Licence - LGV C1 for over 3.5 tonne up to 7.5 tonne,Old HGV Class 2 is now LGV C - over 7.5 tonne up to 32 tonnes.Old HGV Class 1 is now LGV CE tractive unit and trailers over 32 tonnes up to 44 tonnes.
Popular name Lorry Loader Crane (Manufacturer's Name)
Initial CPC
Required by first time LGV or PCV drivers (who passed the car test after January 1997) and consists of Two DVSA tests. Module 2 -Case Study Theory and Module 4 - Practical Demonstration.
Independant Standards Scheme and Register - Heath & Safety Accrediting Body
Joint Approved Unit for Periodic Training
Job Centre Plus
LCV - Light Commercial Vehicle
2.5t to 3.5t - which can be driven on a Car Licence, category B.
LGV - Large Goods Vehicle
LGV C1 - over 3.5 tonne up to 7.5 tonne, LGV C - over 7.5 tonne up to 32 tonnes, LGV CE tractive unit and trailers over 32 tonnes up to 44 tonnes.
Maximum Authorised Mass
Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme
Moffett Mounty
Popular name for Truck Mounted Fork Lift
National Operators Registration Scheme organised through RTITB
National Register of LGV Instructors
National Vocational LGV Driving Instructor Register
National Vocational Qualification
O Licence
Operators Licence
On-Line Learning
Study Material for passing Multiple Choice, Hazard Perception and Case Study Theory Tests (Module 1a&b and Module 2). Interactive learning with English Voice Over and Mock Tests/Sample Exams.
Pass Protection
Another name for Re-Test or re-sitting a test, usually a driving test.
PCO (Taxi Trade)
Public Carriage Office
Passenger Carrying Vehicle / Passenger Service Vehicle
Periodic Training - Driver CPC
35 hours training over 5 days to boost drivers knowledge and skills
Photocard Licence
Driving licence, pink plastic card that confirms full licence entitlements & expiry date of the drivers photogragh
Road Haulage Association
Road Transport Industry Training Board - Accredited Training Body
Transport for London
Traffic Commissioners / Traffic Area Offices
Bodies responsible for regulating safety and compliance of operating of Freight and Passenger transport
Wagon and Drag
Rigid Lorry towing a Draw Bar Trailer
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