HGV Driver Training Courses

Step One - Medical, Provisional & Theory Learning - £100

Quick Start Deal
Get your Provisional LGV / HGV / PCV learners licence without delay and Study for your theory tests now

Meet our knowledgeable, experienced staff in our Park Royal office.  
We'll explain everything about getting your licence, offer expert advice and provide a well-managed service.


  • Medical - a general health check, blood pressure & eyesight (no injections or ECG)
  • Our help to complete the Application Forms
  • 1st Class pre-paid, addressed envelope to DVLA
  • Easy On-Line Learning - we'll show you how to get best results and pass first time.

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Done own medical and passed your theory?  
No Problem, no need to pay for them again. Go straight to:

. HGV/LGV driving and test Prices here 

. Bus/Coach driving and test Prices here .

  • Use a Phone APP, Tablet, Laptop or Computer
  • Official DVSA Material 
  • Learn anywhere at times to suit you
  • Read & Hear Multiple Choice Questions & Answers. English Voice-Over.
  • Easy bite size learning
  • Sample Exams & Mock tests
  • Hazard Perception Tutorial Videos & hundreds of Practice Test Videos, best viewed on larger screen.
  • Unlimited practice

Many people pay a £300 Deposit and BOOK their
Driving Course on their medical day

So as well as On-Line Learning for
Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception, by leaving the deposit you ALSO get
FREE Driver CPC  Mod 2, Case Study 
On-Line learning and Highway Code
AND an official Vocational Driving 

Free Study Material Worth over £50

We  won't ask for the rest of your course fee until you've passed the theory and are ready to arrange training

Or, pay for everything in advance and chose a 
Orange, Purple or Blue Packages available  with re-sit options  

We help with all the admin/organisation & planning of gaining your licence including
Medical, Theory & Driver Driving, Driving Test and Driver CPC
 (& jobs if you've not already got something lined up).

 Click here for details of Orange & Purple & Blue Packages

Hints & Tips to Pass FIRST TIME!

What 5 things must I bring?

  1. Your Photocard Licence (and your Blue Driver CPC Card if you have one).
    If you've lost your photocard licence please bring photo ID, a passport is ideal.
  2. Your National Insurance Number
  3. Your GP's or Group Practice name, address and phone number.
    Also bring details of any medication you may be taking.
    No GP? Don't worry, we'll find your local GP on the NHS website
    and you can register with them afterwards

    On Blood Pressure Medication? Bring 3 previous Blood Pressure Readings (all different dates).  
    Your own recordings are fine, they don't have to be from your GP..
    With a Specialist Consultant? Bring your last Consultant/Clinic Letter.
  4. Your Weight in Kilograms and Height in Centimeters, for the doctor
  5. If needed, Your Glasses / Contact Lenses (be prepared to take lenses out)
    and your Optician's Prescription
    i.e. the precise measurements the optician gave you on your last eye test.

If you need a more in-depth examination due to eyesight / health issues or medical history, please consult your own GP, Consultant or Optician as our QSP Medical will not be suitable. 
Before booking click here for general information about assessing your own suitability to drive. 

Quick Start Package FAQs

  • What if I've lost my licence?

    Please also bring photo ID (like your passport) and a cheque payable to DVLA Swansea for £20.

  • What does each licence codes mean?

    B = vehicle which has eight or less seats and weighs less than 3.5 tonnes

    B+E = as above, but with a trailer that has a MAM (Maximum Allowed Mass) weight of more than 750kg

    C1 = vehicle that weighs between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes

    C = vehicle that weighs more than 7.5 tonnes

    CE = vehicle with trailer combination up to 44 tonnes

    D1 = vehicle that has between 9-16 seats 

    D = vehicle with more than 16 seats 

    F = Tractors 

    G = Road Rollers 

    H = Tracked vehicles 

    K = Mowing machine 

    P = Moped

  • Is there FREE car parking places near the Wallace Park Royal office?

    We are easy to reach by public transport.  There is lots of free on-street parking at the weekends (sorry during the weekday we are unable to offer free parking, and you will need to download a Ringo App to pay the council for parking). 

  • How quickly can I start training?

    You can start learning & preparing for your theory tests straight away, without delay, and we can help you manage your training Step By Step. 

    If you need to get Provisional HGV/LGV or PCV (bus & coach) and need to study for your Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory tests our QUICK START PACKAGE is ideal for you.  Our Quick Start Package is available almost every Saturday and some weekdays and we usually only require around 5 days notice.

    If you have already passed your HGV/LGV or PCV (Bus/Coach) Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception theory tests then we can arrange your Driver Training and Driving Test straight away.  
    Generally, as the Driving Tests are usually booking around 2 to 3 weeks ahead then that's the sort of notice we ask for.  But if you need to start at short notice let us know and we'll see what we can do. However, since the Lockdown the DVSA have developed a bit of a waiting list for tests, so please be patient until they have got themselves sorted out.

    To progress with your driver training booking we ask for a payment.  If you are choosing LGV you could consider one of our packages, like the ORANGE or PURPLE PACKAGE, for which you pay in full at time of booking.  Alternatively, you could choose one of the courses - 4 day, 5 day, 6 day or 7 days, and we will ask for a £300 deposit towards them.

    Training dates are arrange mutually convenient dates.  And if you've left a deposit, when you are happy with arrangements, we ask you to pass the remaining balance of your training fees to firm up those arrangements.

    And don't forget, once you've made your booking, not only can you complete your  Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception but you can also go on to do your Driver CPC (because you'll need your Driver Qualification Card (DQC) in your hand to be a working driver.

    Reason to Ask: Some providers (often Brokers or Agents) don't give you any other option but to commit to the whole course and CPC upfront.
    With Wallace, by taking each stage Step by Step you can go as fast or as slow are you wish (and as your funds allow, without taking on a loan).

    And if you've done some of the steps yourself already, that's great!   With WALLACE you only pay for what you need.  
    Our estimated start date for driver training is usually between 2 - 4 weeks ahead, subject to availability, after you have let us know you've passed your Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception theory tests, and we can take it from there.

  • How long before my licence is returned? Can I drive in the meantime? What if I am stopped without my licence?

    Licences are normally returned in around 5 to 10 days although DVLA say allow up to 28 days (and Post Lockdown, regretfully they have further delays - so please be patient).   You can drive without your licence as DVLA have a record of your current entitlement on their computer.  The police or authorities can access DVLA's computer if they need to see your licence details.  If you are a Vocational Driver now, you can still work without our licence as long as you carry your Driver CPC (your blue Driver Qualification Card).

  • Is the WALLACE Medical Suitable for everyone?

    If you need a more in-depth examination due to eyesight / health issues or medical history, please consult your own GP, Consultant or Optician as our QSP Medical will not be suitable.

    And we will still need to charge for the Appointment with the Doctor once booked.

    Before booking the QSP Medical; with us click here for general information about assessing your own suitability to drive. 

  • I want to exchange my EU licence to a UK licence - should I do this before attending the Quick Start?

    Because the rules of Brexit are not clear.  The following details may change.  But before 31st December 2020 you did not have to exchange your licence before attending, it was possible to change your licence at the same time you apply for provisional HGV/LGV/PCV licence.  

    DVLA charge £43 to exchange licences.  Bring your EU/EEA driving licence and your Passport or EU/EEA National ID card or Biometric Residence Permit and a Passport type & size photograph.  You will need send your Identity Documents with your application so we strongly recommend using the Post Office Recorded Delivery Service.
    NB: if you cannot provide details of your identity you may also need your photo to be signed by someone who has known you for 2 years in the UK.

  • What if I fail my medical?

    Before we arrange your medical we ask you a few questions about your medical history, nothing too in depth, but if you have special or a complicated medical background the you are probably best seeing your doctor.

    However, if your medical situation does not come to light until the day it does not necessarily mean you will be rejected for holding a Vocational Licence by DVLA.  We could still send the applications and allow the DVLA to put your case to their Medical Board for them to decide about your fitness to drive large vehicles.

    While waiting we usually suggest continuing to learn and prepare for your theory tests.  Please allow time for DVLA to write back about your Provisional Licence Application.  After Lockdown there are delays while they work through the backlog of licence applications.

    If, later, the DVLA do with-hold your Vocational Licence then we will naturally refund the balance of your course booking fees (if you have paid any) less the medical and theory learning material you had already received.

    Even though they may not issue your Provisional Licence this does not usually affect your existing entitlements.  So, for example car licence entitlement should be unaffected.

  • When I send my application to DVSA do I also need to enclose my licence?

    Yes, after your medical and getting our help with completing the forms, we normally prepare an envelope for you to send all the forms and your licence to DVLA

    The DVLA usually take around 5 to 10 days to send the new licence back, although they say allow up to 28 days.   If you have medical issues your application will take longer.  

    However, if you need to keep hold of your licence, say you are going to hire a car in the next few days, then you can delay sealing the envelope and simply send the envelope with the licence with application forms later.

    The forms and licence must be sent to DVLA within 3 months, otherwise you will need to take another, more up to date, medical before submitting them.

  • What if Park Royal is not convenient for my Quick Start?

    Call us. We can give you more advice and we may be able to offer a medical venue closer to you. Then check the email we send you that confirms your booking for the address of where to meet our Quick Start Doctor.

  • Will I need a photograph?

    Not normally, if you have a valid UK photocard licence you DO NOT NEED a replacement photo.
    However, if your existing photo has less than 56 days to run (or you want to change your photo) then please bring a new photo and a £17 cheque payable to DVLA Swansea.

  • What is the minimum eyesight requirements for HGV/LGV/PCV?
  • Is there a licence fee? How do I pay DVLA?

    Generally there is no licence fees to pay.  But if we advise you there will be additional licence fees to pay, please bring a cheque or postal order payable to DVLA Swansea.  
    If you don’t have a cheque book or postal orders we can supply a cheque at an extra cost of £5 (to be paid cash on the day)


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  • Augusto

    Passed my practical first time and also the following CPC theory and practical tests.If someone asks me where to go for a truck licence, my answer is 1000 times Wallace School of Transport.They care for you as if you were family. That counts more than anything