HGV Driver Training Courses

Step Two - Arrange & Pass your 3 Theory Tests

DVSA - Module 1a &1b and Module 2 Theory Tests

Module 1 - DVSA Theory Tests

1a - Multiple Choice (MC) is £26
1b - Hazard Perception (HP) is £11

Module 2 - DVSA Theory Test

Driver CPC Case Study (CS) is £23

Click here - BUY on-line theory study material - DTS Anytime

ALSO read this book - essential when preparing for your driving and Mod 2 Case Study Theory. Click on link to BUY

When your licence arrives back from DVLA........
Take your tests in any order at your choice of DVSA theory test centre.
Book early.  Then learn leading up to your test appointments.

To book tests go to GOV.UK or phone DVSA before noon 0300 200 1122.

For Companies who open an Account 
We book theory tests for your drivers, arrangement fee £17.50+VAT per test

You can arrange all 3 theory tests for the same day, being careful not to clash times, just visit the DVSA booking site three separate times to book the three test (or twice for two test).

When you've passed MC + HP call us to arrange Practical Driving Course and Test.  And as soon as you've passed CS we can arrange Driver CPC Practical Lesson & Test too.

You're allowed to take Practical Driving Course and Test before taking Driver CPC theory and CPC Practical.  

Theory pass certificates are valid for 24 months.  
To be a working HGV driver you need to pass Mod 2, CS theory and Mod 4, Practical Demonstration Test to get your Driver CPC Card.

Arrange everything as quickly or as slowly as you like

Next Driving & Practical Tests - see prices / details

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Easy to learn. Phone, tablet, laptop or computer

Interactive - On-Line & App
Questions & Answers you can read & hear with Voice-Overs,
Videos & Mock tests - Just like the DVSA test

Don't want a Package? Buy Learning Material separately here

Most of clients, get extra FREE learning Material and study manual
because they book one of our training and test packages.

For details 020 8453 3440

Multiple Choice - Module 1a

Allow 10 to 15 hours study time to learn approx 900 questions. 

On arriving at the test centre your phone and valuables go into a locker and you are advised what to expect on test and the lay out of the questions and touch screen computer. You'll have 120 minutes. Just like your on-line learning the DVSA test begins with questions and several possible answers, pick the correct answer(s) by touching the screen or using the mouse.  Move between questions and ‘flag’ any you want to come back to later. Pass mark is 85 out of 100.

Hazard Perception-Module 1b

You'll get 19 computer generated images (like film clips) each around 2 mins long of everyday road scenes. Each clip has 1 developing hazard but one clip shows 2 developing hazards. You can’t go back to review Hazard Perception answers because, like when you're driving, you've only one chance to react. Respond early to the developing hazards to get the highest score of 5.  If regularly getting 5's and 4’s then you're seeing developing hazards in good time. Test lasts 40 minutes with pass mark 67 out of 100.

After passing the theory tests

On the day you get results letters for each test that gives you feedback about your test topics.  After passing both parts you’ll get a certificate in the post. 

We can plan your training as soon as you've got your letters so don't wait for the certificate

Send us a message on Whats App, Call us or e-mail us a copy of your letters and we'll start organising your booking

Valid for 2 years from the date you passed the first, either hazard perception or multiple choice test, you'll need to take your practical test within two years or you will have to retake one or both parts again.

If you've failed from the result letters can see where you have scored low and the areas you need to revise.You won't need to re-sit the part you have passed.  Book an appointment for a re-site within a few hours.  However, the test itself must be 3 full working days ahead.  So if your first test was on Monday afternoon, the earliest you could re-sit it would be Friday morning.


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    Passed my practical first time and also the following CPC theory and practical tests.If someone asks me where to go for a truck licence, my answer is 1000 times Wallace School of Transport.They care for you as if you were family. That counts more than anything