ADR Driver Training

ADR Driver Training

Qualify for the first time or Renew Existing Qualifications.

 ADR is divided into:

Core: Basic syllabus for carrying any class of dangerous goods in Road tankers, tank containers, packages, drums, cylinders and loose in bulk

Tanks: For carrying any class of dangerous goods, in road tankers or other tanker containers

Packages & Loose in BulkFor carrying any class of dangerous goods in (sacks, drums, cylinders, cartons) and loose in bulk (skips, tipper or dust cart bodies etc)


Class 2Gases; compressed, liquefied, dissolved under pressure or refrigerated
Class 3: Flammable liquids
Class 4: Flammable solids, substances liable to spontaneous combustion
Class 5: Oxidising substances and organic peroxides
Class 6: Toxic, harmful and infectious substances
Class 8Corrosives - Acids and Alkalis
Class 9: Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles, e.g. asbestos, PCBs and any substance or article not covered by the other classes

Optional Extra Classes available at additional cost. Call for details
Class 1: Explosives
Class 7: Radioactive

Gain or refresh specialist Skills & Knowledge

Understand specific health and safety issues with keeping and transporting dangerous goods safely.  Our theory and practical training covers most types of loads, includes basic first aid and fire training, course briefing notes, post-course support material.

Successful candidates receive ADR certificate & ID from SQA to carry dangerous and hazardous materials for 5 years.
ADR renewal can be in the final year before expiry with a short re-certification course to re-qualify for a further 5 years.

Courses held in Borehamwood (Near Watford)
8.00am Registration for 8.30am start, Monday to Friday

Next Available dates:
19 to 23 September
17 to 21 October
14 to 18 November
19 to 23 December

Methods of Payment:
We accept debit cards, BACS payment and personal credit cards. We do not accept Company/Commercial Credit Cards.
Corporate Clients seeking account facilities are required to complete an Account Opening Form before bookings can be arranged.
SQA training and exams are delivered on behalf of Wallace by Smith System EMEA Ltd

How do I start?

Call us 020 8453 3440

Prices include VAT

Click HERE for ADR FAQ's

ADR Training at Wallace Centre

CHOOSE either Paper Exam or On-line Exam
 and CHOOSE to use your ADR training course to count towards Driver CPC Hours 

FULL – Core, Packages, Tanks & 7 Common Classes

  • 5 day course, Monday to Friday - Online Exams - £780
  • 5 day course, Monday to Friday - Paper Exams - £720

RESTRICTED – Core, Packages & 7 Common Classes

  • 4 day course, Monday to Thursday - Online Exams - £640
  • 4 day course, Monday to Thursday - Paper Exams - £580

FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS – Core, Packages, Tanks & Class 3

  • 4 day course, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri - Online Exams - £620
  • 4 day course, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri -  Paper Exams - £560

Initial / Refresher CLINICAL WASTE / TOXIC, HARMFUL & INFECTIOUS SUBSTANCES – Core, Packages & Class 6

  • 3 day course, Monday to Wednesday - Online Exams - £480
  • 3 day course, Monday to Wednesday - Paper Exams - £420


Initial / Refresher ASBESTOS / PCBs / MISCELLANEOUS – Core, Packages & Class 9

  • 2 day course, Monday to Tuesday - Online Exams - £480
  • 2 day course, Monday to Tuesday -  Paper Exams -£420


Initial / Refresher GASES IN CYLINDERS – Core, Packages & Class 2

  • 3 day course, Monday to Wednesday - Online Exams - £480
  • 3 day course, Monday to Wednesday - Paper Exams - £420

Choose to have Driver CPC Periodic Training at the same time as completing your ADR training. 
In other words, while attending for your ADR training, you'll be doing CPC hours as well.

  • Self-claim 7 hours (£8.75) or Self-claim 14 hours (£17.50). Pay these fees direct to DVL. We'll show you how to do this when you're on training.

  • As well as Self Claim hours, You can ADD Top-Up Days for more CPC hours:
    Self claim 14 hours (for £17.50) and then ADD £26.75 payable to Wallace for 1 day (7 hours) - Total is 21 CPC hours for £44.25
    Self claim 14 hours (for £17.50) and then ADD £53.50 payable to Wallace for 2 days (14 hours) - Total is 28 CPC hours for £71.00

  • If you need all 35 hours
    Arrange two self claim days and add two Top-Up Days (giving you 28 hours) as above,
    then ADD one extra day of Remote On-Line CPC Learning (via Zoom) adding to your 5 day ADR course.
    So you'll attend for 6 days in total, an pay £122.25 to Wallace and £17.50 direct to DVLA
    Totals £139.75 on top of your 5 day ADR course fee.



Our SQA approved trainers use their industry experience to train professional drivers in the transport of dangerous goods by road.
We provide ADR Initial training, as well as ADR Refresher courses for the following.

CORE = 25 questions - minimum pass of 18
TANKS = 20 questions - minimum pass of 14
PACKAGES = 15 questions - minimum pass of 11
CLASSES 2, 3, 6 & 8 (Paper 14)= 36 questions minimum pass of 25
CLASSES 4, 5 & 9 (Paper 15)= 24 questions - minimum pass of 17
CLASSES 1 & 8 COMMON CHARACTERISTICS(PAPER 13)= 20 questions - minimum pass of 1

Multiple Choice Exam Options can also be delivered from your premises. 
Choose On-line for instant results.
Paper Exam results around 4-6 weeks

Training is available across London and around the M25. Current HGV/LGV venues:

Battersea, Bedford, Croydon, Dartford, Enfield, Harlow (Brentwood), Heathrow, High Wycombe, Guildford, London / Park Royal, Luton, Oxford, Reading, Slough, Watford and Wembley