C1 Ambulance Training

C1 Ambulance / C1 D1 Police

C1 Driver Training for Ambulance & Paramedic Personnel

Our 4.6 tonne LGV C1's make ideal training vehicles

Pass C1 with us and drive up to 7.5 tonne trucks

Compact & easy to handle, negotiate driving hazards easy, especially good all-round-visibility, hydraulic brakes plus other car-like features and controls, with choice of Auto and Manual C1's available.

  • 1-to-1, just you & your instructor in the training vehicle. 
  • 3 hours per day (unless condensing to 4 hours per day)
  • Weekdays between 6am to 6.30pm. Weekends by Arrangement
  • Qualified Instructors, Quality Training RTITB & DVSA (NRI) Accredited
  • Croydon, Enfield and Park Royal (Wembley)
  • Course followed by immediate DVSA Driving Test
  • Drivers with only a few months driving experience are recommend a 1 hour practical lesson £60 to establish the likely duration of training

Need D1 Minibus Training & Test?

  • Full size Minibus Courses also available from Hillingdon

  • Dual Licence - C1 & D1 Courses for Police Drivers

    Call 0208 453 3440 for Minibus or Dual Licence course prices

Want to drive C1 / 7.5 tonne Truck (not an Ambulance)?

Click Here for HGV / LGV  C1 Training Prices to qualify for:

  • After passing C1 with us you qualify for FREE 1 hour lesson to
  • Practice on one of our LGV C vehicles
  • Full size truck to get a feel of the length & width of a bigger vehicle
  • Help become familiar with air brakes

  • We also offer C1+E training and test if you need to tow a trailer.

How do I Start?

Step One - Medical, Provisional & Theory Learning - £100

Get your Provisional LGV / HGV / PCV learners licence without delay and obtain Study Material and prepare for your theory tests, in one convenient QUICK START PACKAGE

Step Two - Arrange & Pass your Theory Tests

Module 1a - Multiple Choice (MC) is £26
Module 1b - Hazard Perception (HP) is £11

Take tests in any order at a DVSA Test Center that suits you.
To arrange go to GOV.UK or phone DVSA before noon 0300 200 1122.

Step Three - C1 Ambulance Driving Course and Test

4 day Course - 3 days training and test on 4th day
Ideal for bus/coach drivers, or drivers who are already Blue Light trained, with plenty of manual gear box experience.

£560 +VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £787.00


5 day Course - 4 days training and test on 5th day
Ideal for experienced, with manual gear box experience, 3.5t van or 4x4 drivers who know the roads around the test centre
Extend length of training day to condense to 4 days (3 days + test day)

£700 +VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £955.00


6 day Course - 5 days training and test on 6th day
Ideal for experienced, with manual gear box, car drivers who are unfamiliar with the roads around the test centre
Extend length of training day to condense to 5 days (4 days + test day)

£840 +VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1123.00


8 day Course - 7 days training and test on 8th day
Ideal for car drivers who have limited manual car licence driving experience
Extend length of training day to condense to 6 days (5 days + test day)

£1120 +VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1459.00


Re-Test Fee

2 hours Warm-Up Lesson, without reversing, and use of vehicle for test is £282 plus £115 for weekday DVSA test- £397 including VAT

If you'd like more Reversing Exercise Practice or want a top-up of extra training before your re-test, each day, 3 hours (1 to 1) is £198 inc VAT

Need C1 to be a delivery driver on a 7.5t truck, or to driver a RV/Mobile Home or Horsebox?

The above prices are for Ambulance / Police.  There is an additional £30+VAT per day for other C1 training.  

To work as a delivery driver Driver CPC is in addition to C1 training fees.  Many truck drivers 'skip' the C1 licence and go for LGV C instead.  The procedures are the same.

Training is available across London and around the M25. Current HGV/LGV venues:

Battersea, Bedford, Croydon, Dartford, Enfield, Harlow (Brentwood), Heathrow, High Wycombe, Guildford, London / Park Royal, Luton, Oxford, Reading, Slough, Watford and Wembley