Forklift Training

Industry Recognised Certificate & e-cards

You don't need a car licence to learn to use a forklift

Anyone over 17, with good conversational English and co-ordination skills, can operate a forklift.
At the end of training there is a practical skills check and simple written assessment to be sure you've learnt all you need to operate forklifts safely

WALLACE Park Royal Training Centre
(NW10 7AR)

Training is shared:
either 2 or 3 clients to 1 instructor
We usually start at 7am and you'll be with us around 6 hours per day

3 types of forklift qualifications / certificates available

For loading & unloading vehicles, moving goods in yards and in warehouses
Wallace Counterbalance Forklift Training

REACH Forklift
Used in confined areas and narrow isles in warehouses
Wallace Reach Forklift Training 

Flexi  &  Bendi and Pivot Steer Forklifts
Used as above and in very narrow, tight situations.  The hinged mast allows the forks to swing 90 degree angle either side of the machine
Wallace Pivot Steer Flexi Bendi Training 

Click here to see Forklift FAQ's

Available Monday to Friday, most Saturdays and Sundays by special arrangement

3 different types of forklift training
available at Wallace Centre

Many companies have Pivot Steer (Flexi / Bendi Trucks) to increase their storage capacity & save on their premises rent/rates, they also keep their old Counterbalance & Reach machines.
So it helps to qualified for all 3 types.

Get all 3 Certificates (licences) to be more employable & have greater job opportunities

Warehouse and Distribution companies can handle more goods in a restricted space using a Pivot Steer (Bendi / Flexi) Forklift

  • RTITB recognises WALLACE training as proper and correct.  
  • Successful Wallace Trained operators are registered on the RTITB NORS database, proving our customers are fully qualified.

Your electronic ID card is secure, easy to download, keep and view at any time in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

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Prices including VAT

 (near Wembley) 

Charge per Person including VAT - Shared Training 2 to 1, 3 to 1

ADD £30.00 for
RTITB Registration e-card and e-certificate
 on top of below fees

For Beginners / Novice / NEW TO FORKLIFT
and, some experience, but no formal UK qualifications

Counterbalance4 days£437.50 +VAT = £525
Reach4 days£437.50 +VAT = £525
Flexi / Bendi
(known as Pivot Street)
4 days£437.50 +VAT = £525
Counterbalance and Reach5 days£512.50 +VAT = £615
Counterbalance and Pivot Steer5 days£512.50 +VAT = £615
Reachand Pivot Steer5 days£512.50 +VAT = £615
and Reach 
and Bendi / Flexi
7 days
£745.83 +VAT = £895

 want Quick Start? Add £60 per day for 1-to-1 training

For Existing Certificate Holders, currently using the machines, Refreshing / Renewing Qualifications

Counterbalance1 day£154.17 +VAT = £185
Reach 1 day£154.17 +VAT = £185
Pivot Steer1 day£154.17 +VAT = £185
and Reach 
2 days£308.33 +VAT = £370
and Flexi / Bendi
2 days£308.33 +VAT = £370
and Flexi / Bendi
2 days£308.33 +VAT = £370
and Reach
and Flexi / Bendi
4 days£454.16 +VAT = £545

Want Quick Start? Add £60 per day for 1-to-1 training

For Existing Certificate Holders, currently using one machine, wanting to Add New / Extra Qualifications

Convert to Counterbalance 1 day£154.17 +VAT = £185
Convert to Reach1 day£154.17 +VAT = £185
Convert to Pivot Steer
1 day
£154.17 +VAT = £185

Wallace London Training Centre Facilities include:

  • racking, stillages and pallets
  • diverse loads including 1 tonne loads and unevenly distributed loads
  • approved test course, chicane exercises, turning and reversing in narrow isles, 
  • practical operation skills check, lifting loads to intermediate and high levels. 
  • comfortable classroom, fully equipped for video presentations and Heath & Safety training to learn essential knowledge for safe working in a warehouse or factory environment.
  • Training is shared either 2-to-1 or 3-to-1 (the max. RTITB allows). If 3-to-1 we increase length of training time at no extra cost

We accept debit cards, BACS payment and personal credit cards. 
We do not accept Company/Commercial Credit Cards.
Corporate Clients seeking account facilities are to complete an Account Opening Form before bookings can be arranged.

Bookings, certificates and qualifications are subject to forklift & trading terms which are available by email.

Above training rates effective from 01/08/23, other fees revised 1/4/24
The school reserves the right to amend rates without notice and to decline a booking which is not according to recommendations.

Training at Client Premises / On-Site Your Location

Using your equipment and facilities

Our instructors provide training for all types, makes and models of Forklifts. Required number of training days are matched to operators' experience & qualification needs.

Per Day, from £325 + VAT 


e-card & e-certificate and 
RTITB Registration = Total £30.00
 Per operator, Per Machine

Click HERE for On-Site Forklift FAQ's - See the equipment & facilities needed for training at your site.  
We don't change extra for our instructors to travel to you providing your location is around 30 mins from our Park Royal Centre. 

Companies can request that Operators Certificates can be non-transferable and restricted
for use exclusively within your specific company or a particular site.  
Which can help reduce staff turnover and support employee retention.
Ask about the additional cost for this facility.

Please call for more details - 0208 453 3440

We accept debit cards, BACS payment and personal credit cards. We do not accept Company/Commercial Credit Cards.
Corporate Clients seeking account facilities are required to complete an Account Opening Form before bookings can be arranged.

Moffett Mounty - Transportable Fork Truck Training

Piggy Back style Forklifts are ideal are popular with companies / drivers unloading their own deliveries without delay.

For Existing Forklift Operators - 1 day - £330 - Truck Mounted Forklift - Moffett Mounty at Slough

For Novice/beginners - we offer a Moffett & Counterbalance combination course - 5 days - £855 which
includes Counterbalance at Park Royal for 4 days and Moffett at Slough for 1 day.

Remember - add the cost of your choice of RITB Registration plus e-card  and e-certificate as detailed above.

On-site at client premises, using your equipment, our Moffett 
daily rate is £400+VAT per day plus e-card/e-certificate per Operation as detailed above.

Training is available across London and around the M25. Current HGV/LGV venues:

Battersea, Bedford, Croydon, Dartford, Enfield, Harlow (Brentwood), Heathrow, High Wycombe, Guildford, London / Park Royal, Luton, Oxford, Reading, Slough, Watford and Wembley