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HGV Bootcamp Places are Still Available

11th March 2024

After the successful launch of HGV Bootcamp in 2021 addressing the then chronic Driver Shortage, the Department of Education are continuing with this popular project with and have issued the next Wave of Contracts.

So, if you are thinking about getting your HGV licence, whether you are currently working or un-employed, or just simply seeking an alternative career in Logistics, then now is a good time to get yourself enrolled on to the programme.

There are different schemes available.  

For example Car Drivers are probably best suited to the LGV C (formerly known as HGV Class 2), because if you've not had previous large vehicle experience it is usually easier to secure employment driving a Rigid Truck firstly, rather than being too ambitious and trying to go Car to Artic (LGV CE, the old HGV Class 1) when you've no previous background driving heavy vehicles.

Existing HGV Drivers can choose to join the Bootcamp Scheme to upgrade their licence.  Say, HGV Class 2 progressing up to HGV Class1.  Or gaining a supplementary qualification, like ADR, to be able to carry Dangerous or Toxic Loads (like a Fuel Tanker Driver, or for Air / Gas Bottle deliveries)

Just remember, the main reason DfE are supporting this project is to help companies find and recruit drivers.  So after DfE have paid for your training they are expecting you to take up employment with your new qualification - and they will ask for proof of that!

However, when wanting to improving your skills, developing your qualifications, enhancing your job prospects and maybe in the fulness of time moving into management, as well as earning more money along the way, what better way can you do all this than my taking up a career in the Logistics Industry.

Wallace School of Transport is an accredited DVSA training school which has contracts with the Department of Education Government Approved Providers to help people just like you step up to a new role.

Call us, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 0208453 3440 for more details.

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