HGV Class 1 LGV C+E Training Courses

Choice of Training Vehicles

Your driving examiner will allow you to take either Drawbar or Articulated Vehicles for test to get your C+E


4 day LGV Course - 3 days training, test on 4th day
Ideal for very experienced 'C' driver with 2 years+ various driving 18t and larger trucks

5 day LGV Course - 4 days training, test on 5th day 
Ideal for newly qualified LGV C drivers or passed 'C' a while ago and little truck driving experience

Why is learning on a DRAWBAR AUTO LGV C+E so much easier?

 1.  Bends and corners - Drawbars are easier to get round  as the position of the vehicle on the approach to the junction or turning is not so critical.  The combination trailer follows the prime mover (the front lorry) along in almost the same lines.

2.  Trailer Wheels - Drawbar drivers can see where they are in the vehicles’ mirror, for more of the time when steering round bends.

3.   Easy to reverse - As Close Coupled Drawbar trailer wheels are positioned in the middle of the trailer, as you reverse the trailer through the chicane on the DVSA test exercise, the trailer reacts in a gentler manner.  

This allows you more time to control the vehicle, make gradual steering movements, and this helps you position the reversing trailer to exactly where you need it to pass your test.  Close Couple drawbars also much easier than 'A' frame Turntable Trailers to reverse.

4. Bumps and humps in the roadClose Couple Drawbars don’t react to in an unexpected manner.

If you are short of time or money then take our advice and choose the less risky alternative to get your LGV C+E / HGV Class 1 licence and pass first time.  And remember, when you pass with our Drawbar Training vehicle, we give you a FREE 1 hour Taster Session on our Articulated Vehicle- call our office to discuss location of this lesson. 
Many drivers choose to top-up the Taster Session and book a 4 hour Driver Development Session and then you will be still be ahead both in time and money than if you do all your training and test on the Articulated Vehicle. 


5 day Course - 4 days training, test on 5th day
Best for drivers with 2+ years experience on various 18t and larger trucks.

6 day Course - 5 days training, test on 6th day
Ideal for drivers with under 2 years 'C' driving experience.

7 day Course - 6 days training and test on 7th day
Best for newly qualified (or passed 'C' a while ago) with limited truck driving background.

Why must I allow more training time when choosing an Articulated Vehicle for your training and test?

1.  Bends and cornersLonger trailers of articulated trucks they tend to cut the turn or corner, so allow additional practice time to learn this new skill when on an Artic.

2.  Trailer Wheels On articulated trailers it’s much harder to see the positions of the wheels at the end of a 13 meter trailer in your mirrors.

3.   Reversing When learning to reverse you will be trying to take it slowly, but longer trailers have a tendency to whip round quickly and you’ll find that the trailer begins to bend away from the direction you want to it to go.  Imagine trying to reverse a jelly!  

4.  Bumps and humps in the roadWith an Articulated vehicle the pivot is just behind the cab (tractor unit) which is lighter and much shorter than the trailer.  As you go over a raised roads, like a humped back bridge, if you are in any way rough with the brakes, clutch, accelerator or steering you set off a rocking motion, like an untamed horse.  So you must allow much more training time learn the new skills to handle the vehicle and drive it to test standard.

We are happy to teach you all the additional driving and reversing skills you need to prepare for your test in an articulated vehicle – however please be prepared to put in the extra time and money to do so.  Regretfully, the driving test examiner will not cut you any slack just because you have chosen to take your test on a more difficult vehicle.

The choice is yours

Training is available across London and around the M25. Current HGV/LGV venues:

Battersea, Bedford, Croydon, Dartford, Enfield, Harlow (Brentwood), Heathrow, High Wycombe, Guildford, London / Park Royal, Luton, Oxford, Reading, Slough, Watford and Wembley