Transport Managers CPC

Do you want to be an Owner Operator or a Transport Manager?  
Want to apply for an Operators Licence?
Got an O'Licence and need Compliance Course / Certificate?

Learn and prepare for your OCR qualification, gain or refresh the knowledge to help you operate and be responsible for running a fleet of vehicles.

OCR Part 1 - Multiple Choice Exam - 2 hours 
On-Line e-exams - for immediate results - can be arranged anytime with as little as 3 working days notice.
60 questions with a pass mark of 42.

OCR Part 2 - Case Study Exam - 2 hours 15 mins
A paper exam held four times a year March, June, September & December, with 6 to 8 questions, a top score 60 marks with a pass mark 30.


When booking our intensive course we send our comprehensive study pack/manual for you to refer to before, during and after your course.

Part 1 -Multiple Choice - On-line E-Exam Results are immediate, and they can be arranged at short notice as soon as you've completed your course.  

Part 2 -Case Study - Paper Exams - Results are published approx 8 to 10 weeks after sitting exam.


INTENSIVE COURSES - held in North Wembley

Standard Course - 7 days + exams

Seven Saturdays or One Intensive Week Saturday, Sunday & Monday to Friday with option to top-up 1 or 2 additional revision days after the course if you wish.


Seven Saturday's at Borehamwood (not North Wembley) leading into exam the following week.

Standard Course + Revision Days - 8 days  or 9 days + exams

1 week Saturday, Sunday & Monday to Friday plus your choice of 1 weekday Revision Day (either part 1 or 2) or choose 2 weekday Revision Days and attend both part 1 and part 2 revisions.

Refresher Course / Compliance Course - 2 days

Refresh your knowledge or attend our Compliance Course to meet Traffic Commissioners recommendations (please click on alternative BLUE tab above for more details) 



SEPTEMBER EXAM - Friday 14th September 2018 in North Wembley

7 Day Course - Saturday 25th to Friday 31st August (including Sunday & Bank Holiday)
Unit R1 Revision - Monday 10th September
Unit R2 Revision - Tuesday 11th September
Closing Date to Register for September Exam: 3pm 17th August 2018

7 days - Saturday's at Borehamwood
Start July 28th continue in August 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th, conclude September 1st and 8th
leading into exam on 14th September 2018.


DECEMBER EXAM - Friday 7th December 2018 in North Wembley

7 Day Course - Saturday 17th to Friday 23rd November (including Sunday)
Unit R1 Revision - Monday 3rd December 2018
Unit R2 Revision - Tuesday 4th December 2018
Closing Date to Register for December Exam: 3pm 9th November 2018



SEPTEMBER EXAM - Friday 14th September 2018 in North Wembley

7 Day Course  - Saturday 1st to Friday 7th September (including Sunday)
Unit P1 Revision - Wednesday 12th September 2018
Unit P2 Revision - Thursday 13th September 2018
Closing Date to Register for September Exam: 3pm 17th August 2018

DECEMBER EXAM - Friday 7th December 2018 in North Wembley

7 Day Course - Saturday 24th to Friday 30th November (including Sunday)
Unit P1 Revision - Wednesday 5th December 2018
Unit P2 Revision - Thursday 6th December 2018
Closing Date to Register for December Exam: 3pm 9th November 2018


Your full Managers CPC certificate is issued after passing all units of the exams.  Individual module/unit certificates are issued if not successful in both Manager CPC exams.

Home Study Pack - with telephone hotline support

Our comprehensive manual yours to keep and refer to during your initial learning period and beyond, and includes sample exam questions and telephone (and e-mail) support.

We offer a FREE optional, approx half hour, Personal Study Introduction Session in Wembley if you would like to collect your Study Pack, or over the phone if your pack is posted, which provides an insight to the exam format and questions.

Please allow at least 120 hours to work through the study pack.  Exams can be arranged at the time of taking up the Home Study or booked at a later date.

If not planning to sit your exam within the next quarterly period of purchasing your pack, we offer an option of receiving updates to your study pack for an ANNUAL FEE (4 updates).  

Optional Additional Revision Days

As well as Home Study get extra help with Revision Days.  Day one concentrates on Part 1, the Multiple Choice exam, and day two concentrates on Part 2 the Case Study exam.

Revision Days take place in the week leading up to the exams.  Make arrangements for when you book your exam or when it gets closer towards the exams if you want to see how you get on with Home Study first. 

Check Revision Dates on our other tab,  see above,  our Revision Dates are written by the side of the course dates. 

Part 1 exam can be arranged on-line or by sitting a paper exam.  Part 2 exam is a paper exam

Compliance Training can be delivered on a one-to-one basis or in a group lesson either at your company premises or at our Wembley facility.

OLAT – Operators Licence Awareness Training

1 day training covering

  • Driver’s Hours
  • Digital and analogue Tachographs
  • Operator Licensing system
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Fleet Inspections and Enforcement and
  • Accident Procedure

£260 + VAT per person at our Wembley Centre

Optional DCPC an additional £20 + VAT + £8.75 DVSA upload fee per person.

Delegates can request a letter proof of attendance.

Next Available Date: Tuesday 14th August 2018


Please note this training course is not suitable if you have received an Operators Legal Compliance Letter by the Traffic Commissioners.  
Our 2 day - Operator Professional Competence Compliance Refresher Course will provide you with a verified OCR accredited training certificate to meet the Traffic Commissioners requirements. 

Our 2 day - Operator Licence Compliance Course: not only includes the above subjects and up to date course material, but we also cover the specific subjects required by the Traffic Commissions compliance requirements (these usually fall into one or several of the 7 Deadly Sins, see below.

By undertaking the course you will also receive a OCR Compliance Course Certificate that confirms the subjects completed.  This document is suitable to submit to Central Licencing Office /Traffic Commissioners as proof of completion and attainment.

2 day Wallace attending your premises £750+VAT per person (around M25)

2 day Course with us at Wembley £650 +VAT per person
next available dates at Wembley: Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th August 2018.


Call 020 8453 3440 for training dates / availability.


7 Deadly Sins
that Transport Managers/O' Licence Holders
may need to cover

Traffic Commissioners often referred to as the 7 Deadly Sins.  2 day Compliance Course cover these areas.  At the completion of the course we issue a certificate of attendance which also confirms your understanding of compliance.

1. (a) Exceeding the maximum 6-day or fortnightly driving time limits by margins of 25 % or more,

1. (b) Exceeding, during a daily working period, the maximum daily driving time limit by a margin of 50 % or more without taking a break or without an uninterrupted rest period of at least 4,5 hours.

2. Not having a tachograph and/or speed limiter, or using a fraudulent device able to modify the records of the recording equipment and/or the speed limiter or falsifying record sheets or data downloaded from the tachograph and/or the driver card.

3. Driving without a valid roadworthiness certificate if such a document is required under Community law and/or driving with a very serious deficiency of, inter alia, the braking system, the steering linkages, the wheels/tyres, the suspension or chassis that would create such an immediate risk to road safety that it leads to a decision to immobilise the vehicle.

4. Transporting dangerous goods that are prohibited for transport or transporting such goods in a prohibited or non-approved means of containment or without identifying them on the vehicle as dangerous goods, thus endangering lives or the environment to such extent that it leads to a decision to immobilise the vehicle.

5. Carrying passengers or goods without holding a valid driving licence or carrying by an undertaking not holding a valid Community licence.

6. Driving with a driver card that has been falsified, or with a card of which the driver is not the holder, or which has been obtained on the basis of false declarations and/or forged documents.

7. Carrying goods exceeding the maximum permissible laden mass by 20 % or more for vehicles the permissible laden weight of which exceeds 12 tonnes, and by 25 % or more for vehicles the permissible laden weight of which does not exceed 12 tonnes.


Do you need help, consultancy support and guidance to get your Transport Operation started?

We can help with our 1 day, in-depth one-to-one, guidance SUPPORT DAY.

Our fully qualified Transport Manager and CPC Instructor will call you, first to talk through your requirements and establish the nature of your business.  

Then, once we know the help you need, we'll arrange your Support Day to meet you and go into detail to explain all you need to know and help you get to grips with all the legislative requirements you'll need to be aware of to successfully run your company.

The 1-day consultancy and support session will help you to understand your obligations, give you an insight as to how to demonstrate your ability to meet the requirements to satisfy the authorities that you can operate a quality commercial enterprise.

The 1 day course will:

  • outline the legal obligations required of the operator,
  • explain the financial standing of the business,
  • discuss the roles of the Transport Manager and the Operator,
  • review operator requiremetns regarding vehicles, drivers and other government agencies,
  • help understand the enforcement system and the authorities,
  • and support for clients looking at international transportation.

After your Support Day, should you wish or need additional consultancy advice this is available and on each seperate day we would look at your specific needs that may have been highlighted on your Support Day, and point you in the right direction based on your circumstances, and provide further advise you as to the best course of action to take.

Establishing a business in this industry has never been easier, but it is always advisable to gain a good understanding of the task.

For more information on the 1-2-1 service:

Call our office 020 8453 3440 for details and cost of Support Day


Road Haulage / Freight Operators Licence

STANDARD OPERATORS LICENCE: allows an operator to carry goods for other people for hire and reward both Nationally and Internationally.

RESTRICTED OPERATORS LICENCE: for own account operators to allow an operator to carry goods in the course of his own trade or business in the UK or abroad for which no CPC holder is required but the operators background knowledge is essential to meet O' Licence requirements.

Passenger Transport Operators Licence

STANDARD OPERATORS LICENCE: Operating more than 2 vehicles with 9 or more passengers (including stretch limousines) and accepting payment for providing transport/carrying passengers for 'hire or reward'.

RESTRICTED OPERATORS LICENCE: Operating up to two minibuses of 9-16 passenger seats (including stretch limousines) and accepting payment for providing transport/carrying passengers for 'hire or reward'.  Restricted Operator's licences are for vehicles constructed to carry no more than eight passengers. However, minibuses carrying up to 16 passengers may be used if (a) vehicles are not used as part of a passenger transport business (e.g. used in hotel business) or (b) operating a minibus is a sideline and not your main occupation.


Road Haulage & Passenger Transport Fees & Exams

Work through our classroom training modules in a systematic, progressive method to prepare for your exams. Course times are 8.30am - 4.30pm.  A light lunch is provided on training days.

Sorry, this course does not count towards Driver CPC hours, we felt to do so would compromise the standard of knowledge delivered.  This course specialises purely on Managers CPC information.
OCR on-line E-Exams (part 1) can be arranged at mutually convenient dates immediately after your training course if you give us approximately 3 days notice in advance. OCR Paper Exams (part 2) must take place March, June, September & December.

Intensive Courses includes E-Exam (part 1 - Multiple Choice) & paper exam (part 2 - Case Study)

1 Week Course, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to Friday - 
£1066.08 + VAT + £113.95 Exam fees £1393.25

1 Week Course as above + ONE Day Revision-Your choice part 1 or 2 - 
£1202.08+ VAT + £113.95 Exam fees £1556.45

1 Week Course as above + TWO Days Revision - both part 1 & 2 - £1338.08 VAT + £113.95 Exam fees £1729.65

Course fees include OCR exam fees and a comprehensive Study Pack, which is sent to you in advance of training. REMEMBER bring the pack with you for reference when attending your course.



Learn all the knowledge and information needed to pass.  Complete study in your own time, at your own pace, and take exams when you are ready.  Allow at least 40 hours to work through the pack.

£215 VAT Exempt, includes P & P to UK address.
Exam & Booking fees are in addition to Study Pack fees

Our instructor provides full briefing if you visit our Wembley office to collect the pack or alternatively we can post the pack to you and provide support over the phone.

If not planning to sit your exam within the next quarterley period we offer an option of receiving updates to your study pack for an ANNUAL FEE of £80 (up to four updates).  If you haven't sat your exam within the year we recommend purchasing a new Study Pack, call our office for details for follow-on pack discount.

Want some extra help with your Self Study?

REVISION Training Days £136+VAT = £163.20 per day

Road Haulage - For Part One (R1) Monday and for  Part Two (R2) Tuesday

Passenger Transport -  For Part One (P1) Wednesday and for Part Two (P2) Thursday



DISCOUNT PRICE for Wallace Customers who arrange exams seperately to purchasing Study Packs
(or Normal Price if people who did their course/bought their study pack elsewhere)

NORMAL PRICE - TOTAL amount - £359.95
Case Study Paper Exam £66.95 (Part 2) + booking admin fee £60 inc VAT = £126.95
Multiple Choice E-Exam £47 (Part 1) + booking admin fee £186 inc VAT = £233

DISCOUNT FEE - TOTAL amount - £329.95
Case Study Paper Exam £66.95 (Part 2) + booking admin fee £60 inc VAT = £126.95
Multiple Choice E-Exam £47 (Part 1) + booking admin fee £156 inc VAT = £203

Part 1 paper exams are normally 10am-12noon on the same day as Part 2 which are 1pm-3.15pm.  Paper exam results and analysis arrive approx 6 - 8 weeks later.

RE-TESTS - Part 1 Re-sits are available after 3 days.  Part 2 re-sits are available at the next quarterly exam period. Prices as above.


Booking Requirements

Please bring a passport size photograph, and either your Photocard Driving Licence or Passport on your first day.

OCR Paper Exams - March, June, September & December
On-Line Part One Exam can be arrange at mutually convenient dates with approximately 3 days notice

See our Dates of Courses & Exams on separate schedule




Price list is effective 12/07/18 - prices and course details may change without notice. Delivered on behalf of WST by RTI/Smith Systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a Training Day?

Do I have to book the 1 or 2 Revision Days when I first book?

How long do I have to wait for the exam results?

What is the advantage to taking the Part 1 exam on-line?

Will I be covered for National & International operations?

Do I need ID to attend training an exam?

Why can't Managers CPC training count towards Driver CPC training hours?

What are the Eleven Undertakings?

Summary of Subjects Covered

Business & Company Law
Industrial Relations
Discrimination in Employment
Health & Safety 
Social Legislation
Financial Management
Commercial Conduct
Business Taxation 
Environmental Management
Electronic Data
Planned Preventive Maintenance
Vehicle Taxation
Vehicle Costing
Vehicle Selection
Methods of Operating
Operator Licensing
Safe Loading & Transit of Goods
Weight & Dimension vehicles & load
Plating & Testing
Construction & Use Regulations
Lighting Regulations
Fleet Inspection & Roadside Checks
Drivers’ Hours & Records
Driver Licensing
Speed Limits & Parking Restrictions
Traffic Accident Procedures
Organisation Charts
People Management

Contracts of Carriage
Drivers Hours & Records
Fiscal Charges
Costing International Journeys
Insurance, Invoicing and Incoterms
Operator Licensing
Insurance Abroad

Wallace School of Transport delivers this training through our partner RTI Training in Wembley, an accredited, approved OCR training & exam centre.

When attending training and exams Delegates must carry photo ID, a passport or photo driving licence is ideal.

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After a bit of research, I ended up choosing Wallace and I'm glad I did. My first phone call was very informative and I had only to choose when to start the training. Got all the books from them, studied everything and passed my theory test first time. Went to do some practical training with Gerry the instructor and got my skills polished to a very high standard. Anticipate, not react. The best advice I could ever get. Passed my practical first time and also the following CPC theory and practical tests. If someone asks me where to go for a truck licence, my answer is 1000 times Wallace School of Transport. They care for you as if you were family. That counts more than anything.

Mr Augusto Barale

I passed the practical test first time and this is undoubtedly due to the professional and supportive manner in which I was instructed. Without this, I have no doubt that my progress wouldn't have been so quick or productive. Please once again pass my sincere thanks onto both the administrative staff and Michael himself.

Chris Bridger Student Paramedic

We have been very pleased with the help and assistance and standard of training we have received from your team. I will be in touch shortly to make arrangements for our new trainees.

Lee Bedingfield, Ups Automotive

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