During Lockdown we are permitted to deliver essential H&S Training for Hiab / Lorry Loader Crane.


To make a general enquiry or booking please speak to our office staff, who are working remotely, 9am-1pm Monday to Friday. 

Call 020 8453 3440 or email info@wallaceschool.co.uk with your contact details.


Hiab - Lorry Loader Crane Training

The word Hiab describes a Lorry Loader Crane.  Hiab is a manufacturer of truck mounted cranes, other manufacturers include Atlas, Palfinger, Fassi.   With Wallace training you can operate any make of lorry loader crane.

Wallace Lorry Loader Vehicle has: 
Remote controls, 
3 stage boom (arm) with
Powered Rotator at end of boom
20 ton metre capacity
Great experience for builders merchant work 

And Choice of Two Accredited Body Certificates/Qualifications

ALLMI Lorry Loader Accreditation sets standards and delivers accreditation recognised and supported by HSE for automatic CSCS Site Safety qualification
ALLMI - ideal for work at Builders Merchants and Construction - 5 year renewal

 Wallace & ALLMI CSCS accredited Training 

RTITB is recognised by HSE and is ideal for vehicle recovery - 3 year renewal
Wallace & RTITB  Working in Partnership with HSE


Wallace offers 3 Attachments at Park Royal (near Wembley) Training Centre

  • Hook
  • Brick Clamp
  • Bucket / Clam Shell / Grab

for people with a little or no previous Lorry Loader experience

for people who can supply one of the below:

-copy of current, valid, existing accredited certificate(s)
-copy of lapsed accredited certificate as proof of previous qualification and/or experience 
-letter from an employer verifying you have at least 15 hours of operating experience in the past year (without this written verification we would have to consider you a novice operator). Click here to download Operator Declaration

After successfully completing training you are registered on the accrediting bodies database and recieve a certificate and identity card.  

ALLMI is valid for five years. RTITB is valid for 3 years.

After certificates expire you need refresher training and more assessment/check to be sure you are still operating to a high standard. 


Training Fees include VAT

Training arranged either One-to-One or Shared
Shared Training means One Instructor with Two, Three or Four Trainees

At Wallace Centre Park Royal (near Wembley) 


Novice Operator - 2 days (shared training)
£575.00 per person + £34.95 Registration/Certificate

Novice Operator - 2 day (1 to 1)
£825.00 per person + £34.95 Registration/Certificate

Experienced Operator / Refresher Recertification - 1 day (shared training)
£350.00 per person + £34.95 Registration/Certificate



Novice Operator - 3 days (shared training) 
£890.00 per person + £34.95 Registration/Certificate

Experienced Operator / Refresher Recertification - 1 day (shared training) 
£475.00 + £34.95 Registration/Certificate



Novice Operator - 3 days (shared training) 
£1,015.00 per person + £34.95 Registration/Certificate

Experienced Operator / Refresher Recertification - 1 day (1 to 1 training) 
£600.00 + £34.95 Registration/Certificate


Add an attachment to your existing ALLMI Certificate by taking a 1 day Conversion Course but remember, your new attachment will expire on the same date your existing ALLMI Certificate expires. 

So, if your existing certificate has a short time left to run, it's better to renew your existing qualification and add extra attachments/qualifications at the same time.  
Your new ALLMI Certificate will then show your existing and new attachments/qualifications, and all will be valid for the full 5 years.



A stand alone qualification for use in distribution centres, delivery yards and other logistic locations, and support for Lorry Loader Assistants/Drivers Mates etc.

Wallace Lorry Loader Crane training provides some basic information about Slinger / Signaller,  however, we strongly advise anyone obtaining a lorry loader qualification to ALSO obtain full Slinger / Signaller certificate & registration too.

Novice Operator – 2 day - £575

Experienced Operator or for Refresher/ Recertification - 1 day - £350


 On-Site using Company Facilities

For ALLMI a maximum of 4 operators may attend each day (max of 3 for RTITB). Ask for an On-Site Check List when using your machine and equipment for training at your premises/location. 

Normally, we provide training for One Type of Attachment per day. 
If more than One Attachment is required this may mean extra training days,  and will require additional admin (for each qualification) which means additional costs.  We will quote you once we know your particular training needs.

Normal Cost per day £295+VAT (between 1 to 3 days may be required)
plus £34.95 for each operator attending, per qualification.

Operators attending training should have very similar or the same level of hiab experience.

The number of training days for Lorry Loader (1 to 3 days) and/or additional Slinger / Signaller (1 or 2 days) will depend on your operators experience, existing qualifications and attachments required. 

Please note: We can consider an operator as Experienced providing employer (current or previous) confirms in writing that the operator has at least 15 hours experience within the last 12 months. 

We strongly advise anyone obtaining a lorry loader qualification to also obtain their full Slinger / Signaller certificate together with their Lorry Loader Crane registration.

Please let us know your requirements so we can quote you.  Call 020 8453 3440

Our ALLMI Slinger / Signaller course is very comprehensive.  You will learn and be able to use your skills on Slinger / Signaller duties with other types of lifting equipment, not just lorry loaders.

The ALLMI training scheme is approved by Construction Skills Competency Scheme, therefore, the CSCS logo is displayed on all ALLMI cards for the following categories:

  • Lorry Loader Operator
  • Slinger / Signaller
  • Crane Supervisor
  • Appointed Person
  • Thorough Examiner

Your Slinger / Signaller test will be two theoretical assessments and one practical check test. 

Your theoretical assessment is a set of multiple choice and ‘open’ questions. 
And your practical assessment will check you have the appropriate practical skills to perform well as a Slinger / Signaller and undertake all your duties safely and efficiently.

After succesfully completing training you will be registered on the ALLMI database and recieve your ALLMI certificate and identity card which are valid for five years. 

You will also receive your ALLMI Training Operator Training Manual to refer to through your career.

After 5 years you will need refresher training and more assessments to check and be sure you are still operating to a high standard. 



A stand alone qualification for use in distribution centres, delivery yards and other logistic locations, and support for Lorry Loader Assistants/Drivers Mates etc.

Training Fees include Training Manual and Registration Fees for either RTITB or ALLMI 

Novice Operator – 2 day - £575

Experienced Operator or Operator who needs Refresher/ Recertification - 1 day £350 


Lorry Loader Crane training provides some basic information about Slinger / Signaller, however, we strongly advise anyone obtaining a lorry loader qualification to ASLO obtain full Slinger / Signaller certificate & registration too.

When operating or guiding an operator working with heavy equipment or lorries it is important that everyone recognises the signals of communication.  

Become a qualified Commercial Goods Vehicle Banksman to meet your Health & Safety obligations by learning the skills you need to work directing Heavy Goods Vehicles or to become a Traffic Marshal.
For Commercial Goods Vehicle Banksman it is a 1 day course - at your company premises with you supplying the vehicel and facilities - 1 day £275+VAT (and up to 5 operators may attend).  Additional Registration Fees, depending on prefered documentation, per operator, will be in addition to training fees
We are also able to offer this course at our Park Royal and Slough training centres.
For Traffice Marshal Training the length of course is between 1 to 3 days depending on the qualification required.
Please call for details - 020 8453 3432

2020 Park Royal available dates:

Please contact 0208 453 3440 for details

Wallace & ALLMI Training

The Health and Safety at Work etc, Act 1974 demands that employers have safe systems of work, so that their employees are protected from any risk, so far as is reasonably practicable. 

Our ALLMI training programme meets employers’ and employees’ responsibilities under the Act, as well as the requirements of all other legislation relating to the operation of lorry loaders.

“The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) commends the use of this Training Programme to those who have duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. This programme was drawn up with the participation of a HSE representative and will be referred to in relevant HSE publications.”

Due to maintaining consistently high standards ALLMI has achieved the HSE’s ‘Working in Partnership’ award.

Wallace School of Transport and ALLMI’s objectives are:

  • To ensure that standards and qualifications for all instructors are in place, consistent and maintained.
  • To ensure that all operators receive sufficient quality of training to be able to operate a lorry loader in a safe and efficient manner.
  • To offer a competitive and nationally recognised training programme for instructors and operators of lorry loaders.

Accidents involving the use of lorry loaders, which tragically have included fatalities, could be prevented by correct planning, supervision, use and maintenance.  In addition to the terrible cost in human suffering, accidents have a financial cost.

There is a very strong business case for improving safety performance and clarity about the safe use of lorry loaders; including planning, role of personnel, training and familiarization of personnel, siting, safe use, maintenance, inspection and thorough examination.

Wallace training and guidance is straightforward, comprehensive and easy to adopt. Don’t delay.  Arrange your course as soon as possible. 

Call 0208 453 3440

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I passed my bus licence first time as a result of the excellent training from Jon and Krishna who patiently built my confidence and skill in a very enjoyable way. Thanks

John Duff

Could I take this opportunity to thank you all at Wallace for the assistance in passing my LGV Class C driving test. Special thanks to my trainer at Slough who made me feel at ease and certainly trained me to a high standard. This development will now take my new business to the next level. Many thanks. Wayne Booth Director, UpSafe Scaffolding Ltd

Wayne Booth

After a bit of research, I ended up choosing Wallace and I'm glad I did. My first phone call was very informative and I had only to choose when to start the training. Got all the books from them, studied everything and passed my theory test first time. Went to do some practical training with Gerry the instructor and got my skills polished to a very high standard. Anticipate, not react. The best advice I could ever get. Passed my practical first time and also the following CPC theory and practical tests. If someone asks me where to go for a truck licence, my answer is 1000 times Wallace School of Transport. They care for you as if you were family. That counts more than anything.

Mr Augusto Barale

I passed the practical test first time and this is undoubtedly due to the professional and supportive manner in which I was instructed. Without this, I have no doubt that my progress wouldn't have been so quick or productive. Please once again pass my sincere thanks onto both the administrative staff and Michael himself.

Chris Bridger Student Paramedic

We have been very pleased with the help and assistance and standard of training we have received from your team. I will be in touch shortly to make arrangements for our new trainees.

Lee Bedingfield, Ups Automotive

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