Trailer Towing Practice, Training & Test

No need to take another theory test, just driver training and DVSA driving test using our manual vehicle and trailer to get your B+E entitlement to tow trailers.  Training from our Wembley Training Centre.

Course & Training for full UK Car Licence Holders

  • 1 to 1 Individual Training, just you and your instructor and training vehicle
  • Uninterrupted use of Reversing Practice area, laid out to DVSA specifications
  • Choice of Single Day Sessions  or  Intensive Courses
  • Weekdays 6am to 6.30pm  &  Weekends and late evenings by arrangement
  • We pre-book & arrange DVSA Driving Tests to coincide with end of training

Available weekdays & some weekends 

We usually only require a few of weeks notice for bookings, but if you want to arrange dates quickly, by being flexible with your dates/times, we can usually offer dates/test appointments with only around 5 - 7 days notice. 

Please take a moment to look at our Frequently Asked Questions (above) for more B+E information including latest government rules about what you can tow, issued April 2016.  But briefly, a full car licence already lets you tow trailers weighing no more than 750kg. You can also tow heavier trailers with a car as long as the total weight of vehicle and trailer isn’t more than 3,500kg.

Full clarification of rules is available from GOV.UK.  Refer to leaflet DVLA INF30 – Driving Licencing Requirements for Towing Trailers in Great Britain.  This is available from



Short Course - 1 day including test

£315+ VAT +  £115 DVSA FEE = £493 (fully inclusive) 

4 hours Individual lesson & use of vehicle on test on the same day

Suitable for very experienced driver and quick learner, with years of trailer experience, especially reversing and coupling & uncoupling trailers, and who are familiar with the roads around the test centre.


Intermediate Course - 3 days including test

£525 + VAT +  £115 DVSA FEE = £745 (fully inclusive)
This course is sometimes available as a condensed 2 day Course

2 days of 3 hours individual training each day and on the 3rd day additional 2 hours warm-up lesson & use of vehicle on test 

Suitable for experienced drivers who are familiar with trailers, especially with reversing and coupling & uncoupling trailers.


Full Course - 4 days including test

£682.50 + VAT + £115 DVSA FEE = £934 (fully inclusive) 
This course can be condensed into 3 days

3 days of  3 hours individual training each day and on the 4th day additional 2 hours warm-up lesson and use of vehicle on test

Suitable for drivers with limited or no towing & trailer driving experience and little or no experience with coupling and reversing trailers.


Re-test - 2 hours warm-up lesson prior to test and use of vehicle for test (approx 4hrs) £227.50 + VAT = £273 plus Monday to Friday VAT Exempt DVSA £115 Test Fee (Saturday test is £26 supplement)
Makes total of £388.00


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Government Rules about what I can tow?

How quickly can I start training?

Is there any reason I may not be able to take B+E training?

What assurances do I have that I will receive proper and correct training?

Do instructors keep a daily written report on my driving progress?

Is there an advantage to shared or individual training?

Will I have to wait for my driving test?

Can I have a Pass Protection Package?

Does Wallace offer 'Guaranteed Pass' courses?

Will I be able to get enough practice on reversing?

Does Wallace deliver training on behalf of 'brokers' or 'third party agents'?

Does Wallace offer finance and accept Card Payments?

Is the school easily accessible?

Can you help me find work once I have passed?

What do all the licence codes mean?

Will I meet Neil and Ruth Wallace?

Wallace B+E Driver Training at Wembley

Want to use a Van or 4 x 4 to tow any of these?

  • Caravans
  • Large Camping Trailers
  • Horseboxes
  • Large Sailing boats
  • Multiple Canoes and Kayaks Trailers
  • Vintage and elite cars
  • Jet skis
  • off roaders and quadbikes Trailers

We also provide B+E for company drivers such as:

  • Tree surgeons and Arboriculturists towing chipper machines
  • Construction & plant towing excavators and mini-diggers
  • Car and vehicle transporters
  • Vehicle Recovery and Transporter trailers
  • Utility Support Vehicles with Storage Containers and Cable Trailers
  • Luggage Trailers
  • Catering & Food Consession Trailers
  • Speciality trailers
  • RDT - Rapid Deployment Trailers often used by breakdown and recovery service

Other Trailer Training Options

We also offer trailer awareness and familiarisation training for B+E licence holders who need more knowledge and to gain confidence in towing, reversing and use of towing hitches.

Download 'Hitched' a magazine published by Direct.Gov by clicking here.

Download DVLA leaflet 'Requirement for towing trailers' by clicking here 

Link to GOV.UK and refresh your Highway Code knowledge


If B+E is not big enough....

If your Prime Mover (the vehicle to be used to tow your trailer) is over 3.5 tonnes then B+E will not be sufficient.

Vehicles over 3.5 are LGV C1 and drivers need to pass C1 training and tests and then complete further C1+E training & tests to get the correct entitlement.  

We can provide C1 and C1+E training, call 0208 453 3440 for more details.


Whatever your trailer needs we can help

Call 0208 453 3440

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After a bit of research, I ended up choosing Wallace and I'm glad I did. My first phone call was very informative and I had only to choose when to start the training. Got all the books from them, studied everything and passed my theory test first time. Went to do some practical training with Gerry the instructor and got my skills polished to a very high standard. Anticipate, not react. The best advice I could ever get. Passed my practical first time and also the following CPC theory and practical tests. If someone asks me where to go for a truck licence, my answer is 1000 times Wallace School of Transport. They care for you as if you were family. That counts more than anything.

Mr Augusto Barale

I passed the practical test first time and this is undoubtedly due to the professional and supportive manner in which I was instructed. Without this, I have no doubt that my progress wouldn't have been so quick or productive. Please once again pass my sincere thanks onto both the administrative staff and Michael himself.

Chris Bridger Student Paramedic

We have been very pleased with the help and assistance and standard of training we have received from your team. I will be in touch shortly to make arrangements for our new trainees.

Lee Bedingfield, Ups Automotive

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