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Eight reasons a career in Logistics is the right choice for you

16th January 2017

Logistics is one of the most important career fields in the world.  Without the planning and distribution of resources, there would be food and fuel shortages and goods / products would cease to be delivered on time (if at all).  In a word there would be CHAOS.

Every company and every individual uses logistics.  And if you're thinking about a career change, the field of logistics has much to offer.

The work of a logistician starts with bringing in the supplies and raw materials necessary for a business or organisation to operate. Inbound logistics are then used in conjunction with outbound logistics to distribute products or services where they are in demand and a supply chain is formed.


Here are the top 8 reasons to consider a career in logistics:


1. Careers in logistics are paying more than ever.

Last year the average salary of a lorry driver rose 5% as compared the national average which was 2%.  Remember, there's a shortage of drivers out there, so naturally, the best companies will treat their staff with respect and offer rewards and incentives to hang on to them.


2. Jobs are available in logistics for people of all education levels.

Don't worry most logistics jobs don't require you to have a degree!  Truck drivers, warehouse workers and forklift operators are all part of the logistics team, and are organised and directed by mid-level managers and experienced logistics executives.  You can move up from an entry level job right up to Distribution or Warehouse Manager and even up to Managing Director level - if you've got the inclination to take on responsibilities and are willing to learn.


3. Advancement opportunities in logistics are plentiful.

Because logistics has so many facets and levels, opportunities for advancement are always available.  And remember, the logistics industry tends to promote home grown talent rather than hire from the outside.  Promotions are commonplace, and the hardest working and most innovative individuals can advance quickly.   We all know the days of a 'job for life' have gone.  But we're taking of a career that may well span over 40 years+, not at the same company necessarily (although that does still happen in small hauliers), but certainly within the same industry because people will always need food and goods delivered!


4. Logistics careers can be started anywhere.

Unlike some careers that require you to relocate to a specific area or region, careers in logistics can be based anywhere - from the smallest village with local door to door deliveries right through to the largest of cities and everywhere in between.  Hot-spots of logistics activity are often concentrated around major distribution centres, large sea ports where container traffic is handled, or where motorways and trunk roads meet and split away from one another.  But all of these large centres usual distribute goods onwards, to smaller distribution hubs.  These sites might concentrate on 'last mile of delivery', which in other words means to deliveries to the local or smaller shops and towns for example.


5. Logistics careers are rarely boring.

The word boredom is not in the vocabularies of most people with careers in logistics. The sheer variety of work always keeps the job interesting, and crossovers can happen when one element of trade is slow but another is bustling, for example at Christmastime.  Retailers, supermarkets and distribution companies are rushed off their feet leading up to Christmas and into the New Year, whereas manufacturing companies may close down or have reduced output in the holiday season.  And think about the future and the technical advancements that are likely to become commonplace.  Who knows what may happen with autonomous trucks or platooning - it's just a couple of things on the horizon to look forward to.


6. Opportunities for women are expanding in logistics.

Logistics careers have traditionally been held by men, but as the industry no longer needs physical strength to operate and control heavy goods vehicles, trucks, forklifts and other machinery, women are becoming increasingly involved at all levels.   With good communication skills and organisational abilities, many women more into managerial positions in logistics companies and logistics departments.


7. Logistics is a stepping stone into the field of international business.

Many people who begin a career in logistics find that they can quickly gain enough experience with international business to develop new skills or open new opportunities. Learning a second language is much easier when you are working with people who speak that language. In addition, it may be possible to relocate to other countries temporarily or permanently.


8. People working in logistics network and build relationships.

You can choose to be a lone driver, tramping with an HGV Class 1 / LGV C+E Articulated Vehicle meeting occasionally with other drivers at welcoming and homely truck stops.  Or, you could work from a distribution centre and be home every night and developing good working relationships with local colleagues and co-workers.  Such good contacts build up into a network that you can benefit from to advance your career. 


Why not take advantage of the opportunities a career in logistics can offer you - with pride in your job - you can help keep the wheels of the economy turning.