Wallace Step Four - Driver CPC Initial Driver CPC Module 2&4

Driver CPC - Driver Qualification CardYou must obtain a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) to work as a professional driver.  

DRIVER CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is taken in two parts:

Case Study Theory Test (Module 2)
Practical Demonstration Test (Module 4)

Failure to hold or carry the card when at work will result in a fine.

If you don't drive a minibus, bus or coach for a living, then you may be exempt from Driver CPC regulations.  More details of exemptions can be found on GOV.UK website.

Your DQC will be valid for 5 years and during that time to renew the card you need to complete 35 hours Periodic Training. Click here for more details and prices - choose the 35hrs training TAB.


Part 1 - Case Study Theory Test (Module 2) £23

DVSA on-line Theory Test

Based on real life situations that may happen during your working life.  

Using a DVSA computer at a theory test centre, the test consists of seven Case Studies.

Your job knowledge and understanding is tested by 5 to 10 questions which can be multiply choice answers, a short typed answer or by clicking on and area of a photo or image.  

Our Case Study learning material will give you an idea of the DVSA questions but they are not the exact questions you'll get on the date of your Module 2 test.  The actual questions are a secret.  DVSA deliberate don't reveal the real questions as they want you have an understanding of true life situations and to use your knowledge (gained from the explanations on the learning material and from the book featured below) to be fully prepared both for their test and for real life.

Sample of Bus or Coach Driver CPC Module 2 test

Example: PCV Driver CPC Case Study Question

Case Study pass mark is 40 out or 50.  

To arrange, call 0300 200 1122 between 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday, or on-line anytime at GOV.UK


For best results learn On-Line

Easy bite size learning with
Plenty of practice sessions and Unlimited Mock Tests

 Driving Buses and Coaches Book from WallaceDTS Device GraphicHighway Code Know your traffic signs

Official DVSA Learning Material

FREE Driving Buses and Coaches Book and On-Line Driver CPC (Module 2), Highway Code & Know your Traffic Signs worth a total of £50 when you pay a £300 deposit and book your course on the day of your Evaluation Lesson.

AND get an extra £30 discount off your Driver CPC Training when you pay your £300 deposit on the day of your Quick Start Package.

Or, if you decide to pay your deposit later, you can buy the learning material separately.  Ask for prices.


Part 2-CPC Practical Demonstration Test-Module 4

Wallace Bus Coach Practical Demonstration TestAfter passing Case Study Theory Test (Module 2) we arrange your practical 40 minute Vehicle Walk Round test.

On the Vehicle Walk Round test you must show your examiner that you know how to thoroughly check your vehicle, demonstrate its equipment is legal and fit for work and therefore ready to take out on the road.


There are five areas of knowledge:

-Ability to load the vehicle, paying attention to safety rules
-Security of the vehicle and its contents
-Ability to prevent criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants, for example, what should you do if you have returned to the vehicle after taking a comfort break on a ferry or border crossing.
-Ability to assess emergency situations
-Ability to complete a physical walk road vehicle safety check

To pass you must score 15 out of 20 points (75%) with an overall score of 80%

After passing all your tests your Driver Qualification Card (DQC) is sent directly to you from DVLA.

Wallace provides all the knowledge needed to pass

You will have a briefing/training from your instructor.  It is either 1 to 1, approx 2 hrs, including travelling with your instructor and bus to the Test Centre or lasts either 3 hours in a Group Lesson and Test  (sometimes on two separate days) at our Park Royal Centre.  We will confirm which type of briefing we have arranged for you at the time of your booking. When attending carry your driving licence and your Mod 2, Case Study Pass Certificate with you as you must show them to your examiner before your test.

If it's been a while since you've been on a bus or coach, or you passed your driving test elsewhere, maybe abroad, we recommend a longer one-to-one session, at additional cost, please ask for this at time of booking. 


Cost of lesson, vehicle for test and DVSA Test Fee

£203.33+VAT plus DVSA fee £55 = £299



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I passed my bus licence first time as a result of the excellent training from Jon and Krishna who patiently built my confidence and skill in a very enjoyable way. Thanks

John Duff

Could I take this opportunity to thank you all at Wallace for the assistance in passing my LGV Class C driving test. Special thanks to my trainer at Slough who made me feel at ease and certainly trained me to a high standard. This development will now take my new business to the next level. Many thanks. Wayne Booth Director, UpSafe Scaffolding Ltd

Wayne Booth

After a bit of research, I ended up choosing Wallace and I'm glad I did. My first phone call was very informative and I had only to choose when to start the training. Got all the books from them, studied everything and passed my theory test first time. Went to do some practical training with Gerry the instructor and got my skills polished to a very high standard. Anticipate, not react. The best advice I could ever get. Passed my practical first time and also the following CPC theory and practical tests. If someone asks me where to go for a truck licence, my answer is 1000 times Wallace School of Transport. They care for you as if you were family. That counts more than anything.

Mr Augusto Barale

I passed the practical test first time and this is undoubtedly due to the professional and supportive manner in which I was instructed. Without this, I have no doubt that my progress wouldn't have been so quick or productive. Please once again pass my sincere thanks onto both the administrative staff and Michael himself.

Chris Bridger Student Paramedic

We have been very pleased with the help and assistance and standard of training we have received from your team. I will be in touch shortly to make arrangements for our new trainees.

Lee Bedingfield, Ups Automotive

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