To many drivers, their ultimate dream driving job is that of a Fuel Delivery Tanker Driver. 

If you are obtaining this qualification for the first time, you will need our 5 day Initial Course which includes Core, Packages, Tankers and the seven common classes 2,3,4,5,6,7 & 9.

ADR Tankers Flamable LiquidYou may consider working for large petrol companies like Shell or BP or perhaps one of the supermarket chains or maybe one of the smaller independent suppliers.

There are also other fuel and oil tanker driver opportunities, for example working around the airport which could involve working with mobile fuel bowsers.

Many other bulk liquid loads carried on the roads such as milk and bulk tankers can also carry powders, liquid gases and chemicals.

You may also be interested in practical Tanker Driver Awareness

An off-road training session where you can experience first hand the forces at work when driving tankers and liquid loads. 

Training exercises are designed to highlight skid and roll-over hazards and are conducted on specially adapted articulated vehicles with tanker trailers fitted with stabilisers so drivers can familiarise themselves with how to avoid potential safety hazards. 

ADR training and this practical familiarisation session count towards your 35 hours Driver CPC Periodic Training.

For more details ask for Ruth or Helen when you phone our office.

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